CS 1.8 GS: Counter Strike 1.6 DOWNLOAD
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CS 1.8 GS - Free CS 1.6 download

CS 1.8 GS - Free CS 1.6 download

Goicea Soft CS 1.6 edition

Counter-Strike 1.6 by Goicea Soft. Full CS 1.6 download for free today from our direct download servers! Full working game with custom models, skins, sprites, gamemenu, startup music and many other modifications!

Try out CS 1.6 GS version of the Counter Strike and conquer this FPS multiplayer scene! Working online 100%, newest BUILD, clean configuration files, quality game addons, protected from slowhacks and other malicious stuff. Half-Life addons included and fully works. Gaming never been this easy on every Windows PC! Non hard game compared to it's recommended computer specifications. Almost 25 years Valve released this golden game which is still very relevant to this day. Become a member of this big CS 1.6 community or family - no matter how you call it it is the best FPS shooter online multiplayer!

CS 1.8 Goicea Soft edition download

GS (Goicea Soft) - Cs 1.6 transformation pack found on gamebanana.com and other sites. Improved quality models and other addon modifications on this version. For quality gaming fans we recommend downloading CS 1.6 version here. It will leave you amazed of how this game catches your attention more and more each day!

CS 1.6 Setup download - Counter-Strike 1.6 GS

CS 1.6 GS game full installation setup download is one of the most common wanted versions of Counter-Strike classic. But some players are choosing the default game version to keep stabile game experience. Specially on the servers because there could be some errors which will interupt your gameplay.

Cs 1.8 GS download full cs 1.6

We strongly recommend choosing CS 1.6 download of clean edition, but as you wish to get Cs 1.8 GS edition of original Cs 1.6 - go on and do it here without any issues!


Counter strike 1.6 download for free original - but serious modificated version of CS 1.8 GoiceaSoft! Works online and with bots offline perfectly. Free download of Counter-strike is a known step for almost every gamer around the world. Come on, just grab it as we give it free without any catch!


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Cs 1.6 download

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Cs 1.8 gs download

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