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CS 1.6 Opposing Force edition download (Full Counter-Strike)

CS 1.6 Download: Opposing Force edition
Counter-Strike 1.6: Opposing Force edition. Well, this one will be absolutely amazing for you! Read this article further and find out about this amazing cs 1.6 edition.

Cs 1.6 Opposing Force download

CS 1.6 Opposing Force: New CS 1.6 version!

The name CS 1.6: Opposing Force evolved up as an idea by BlackHand-, BiLeon, LIL-PIF, uPic, X RaY uPic on games modding site. It was just straight out gameplay. Then they decided to start creating (now released) this modification will great passion.
The game is really changed with many customizations made by the creators of this awesome mod. Still, it is fully working in Internet games, so don't panic about interface changes or anything else. We also tested it online before providing it to you, dear visitor. As a result this game came out as a 100% fully working CS 1.6 install.
Actually, this Counter-Strike 1.6 version will be more suitable for users which have more powerful PC than it is needed for original CS 1.6 edition. Why? Because it is fully modded, new sounds, weapons and more, so as a result it requires more resources from your computer.

CS 1.6 download: Opposing Force edition

Every gamer of CS 1.6 download page dreaming about best version of counter-strike without any error messages or other issues. We're here to offer you choosing our download page because it's free from anything. Need to mention it is fully working cstrike version, without any viruses or any other malfunctioning.
Opposing force edition of Counter Strike non steam is a great way to start loving this awesome FPS shooter again. Even many custom maps were added to the game which are highly adjusted and edited. What's more, this edition has it's own gameplay mod in offline + bots.
After all, this is a real CS 1.6 game, just with changed environment for Opposing Force fans. Still has our CS 1.6 master server with boost cs servers, working and functioning Online play. Nice and smooth kill sounds appears when you kill an enemy!

Download CS 1.6 Opposing Force

New maps in Counter-Strike: Opposing Force edition

As you can see that mentioned in the title of this paragraph, Counter-Strike: Opposing Force edition has it's own edited and customized CS 1.6 maps. We will list them down here so you would now which are those new maps uploaded to the cstrike. Feel free to test them by yourself after successful downloading CS 1.6 setup and installing it on your Windows PC.
CS 1.6 New maps



























Opposing Force edition features, online multiplayer cs 1.6:

    - Half-Life themed maps

    - CS 1.6 Playermodels in both HD and LD quality ( HECU vs BlackOps)

    - Hostage models (Scientists)

    - New weapons

    - Custom mission packs with new maps (offline game with bots on New Game)

    - New HUD and images

    - New sounds (more taken from Half-Life by developers decision)

None of these CS Opposing Force modifications are amxx mods or plugins. Everything works perfect while playing multiplayer online CS 1.6 in servers.
Download notes of CS 1.6

"By the way, if you have an SSD drive, I recommend installing the game there. The game freezes on HDDs sometimes", said the Creator of this mod. Actually, it was Condition Zero edition, but we managed to make it for CS 1.6 and serve for you.

Console codes to increase FPS above 100:

    fps_override 1

    fps_max 200 (or any other number)

Good luck & Have fun!

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