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Best way to enjoy game is to join CS 1.6 server!
Quality game experience, servers with interesting cs gamemodes, admins online (prevent from cheaters cs 1.6, cs 1.6 cheats), FastDL, anti-slowhack list of servers.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers, CS 1.6 Servers

CS 1.6 server is a place where players connects to the game and starts playing. Various of servers can be found through Find Servers.
Since CS 1.6 is more enjoyable in multiplayer and less in singleplayer (offline with bots), we suggest you choosing low latency and quality servers to play on.

Why choose cs servers?

Because one thing that singleplayer is boring and not interesting. In cs 1.6 game severs you could find impressive gamemodes like zombie plague, surf, jailbreak, csdm, bf2 mod, csgo mod and much more.
Cs 1.6 multiplayer is the main thing that keeps cs 1.6 community alive to this day. Server full of players, max player count (hardcoded maxplayers) is 32 slots.

The most popular gamemode is Public or Classic gamemode. Default server CT vs Terrorists with custom rank and other custom plugins amxx.

Can you play with friend cs 1.6?

Sure, you can create your own server with ReHLDS (reamxmodx, reunion protocol crack) and share the IP address or just find some empty or non-empty cs server.
It all depends whether you want to have a skill check fight or just a fun public game with other players in server cs.

CS 1.6 Server: How to join?

Use our provided Cs 1.6 download links to join public servers in Counter-Strike 1.6 game.
Player counts may vary on the servers and modification could be other than Public/Classic!
CS Server: Admins, VIPS

Some servers are selling privileges like VIP, admin, superadmin, moderator, slot and etc. Even custom player models could be bought!
ADMIN - person who is taking care of cheaters and other rule abusers in server.
VIP - very important player. Most of the times declared vip the prefix [VIP] in cs 1.6 server.
Slot - person to have a reserved slot in server while is full (32/32 players).
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