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Counter-strike 1.6 is the most popular game in fps games section. A smooth gameplay, great movement (like cs 1.6 hns), fast download

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After many years cs 1.6 slowhacks burnt down the counter-strike 1.6 community. Flawlessly changing player configs, binds, GameMenus, adding various of other stranger .exe slowhacks to keep you as a player-zombie.
Many projects used raiz0 exploit to redirect other project servers players to their own servers. CS 1.6 MasterServers were changing without player's permission.
Then STEAM found an antidote to this type of behaviors. They made stronger guard on the player/client-side so everything about configs, gamemenu, bind's was gone for good. Now only clean CS 1.6 version are allowed, which is the main cause why we are offering ours. site is different from others. We aren't looking to change your player settings, options. We offer and keeping 100% free cs 1.6 clean installation. Almost original, still not. We don't advise using free cs 1.6 versions still you can try out before buying on Steam platform.
So, CS 1.6 server boost is something like you're buying traffic full of players in CS 1.6. How so, right? Easily. Just like us and other cs 1.6 download sites - collecting quality, pure and non-fake players base to offer you it for the best price in the cs 1.6 boost market.
We have our own MasterServer Cs 1.6, doing our best to reach the top place in already running masterservers market. Offer is to stay with us, use our Cs 1.6 client to play in only quality servers.
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There are plenty of boost methods: Monthly, Turbo-Boost, Premium, Top Places, GameMenu (we don't offering it) and etc.
Today's CS 1.6 Download
is the main thing to stay on top. They're sharing you a clean original cs 1.6 copy of the game. Many of oriented players specially chooses the Original counter-strike 1.6 download because they like it default.
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Using cs boost server services is easy and safe for sure. One of the fastest way to effectively collect loyal players in your cs 1.6 server.

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We offering players of different gaming niches to try out our clean and user friendly Counter-Strike 1.6 versions. Fast download direct links CS 1.6. Quality CS 1.6 game experience is guaranteed by our webpage respect.

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