Download CS 1.6 for Free (Clean build)
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Download CS 1.6

Download CS 1.6 for free!

Want to get most valuable and legendary FPS shooter games? Cool! You're in the right place and at the very right time because you can download Counter-Strike 1.6 for free in this page!

download CS 1.6

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Ready to install CS 1.6 setup files will truthfully be the most enjoyable moment for every tactical shooter's fan! Counter-Strike 1.6 is old, but golden game which can be downloaded in the next 5 minutes. Small size installation (220mb) .exe file of Counter-Strike 1.6 Original download and standard installation interface for Windows PC!

How to get CS 1.6 download?

Downloading CS 1.6 is mostly important part in order to play online multiplayer servers in Counter-Strike. By using given download links of Counter-Strike_1.6_Original.exe you will become professional or just short version: Pro CS 1.6 player. Half-Life modification Counter-Strike 1.6 came out in early 2001 as a standalone version of the game. There was previous versions like CS 1.0, CS 1.1, CS 1.3, CS 1.5, but the main one stayed and still stays at the top in 2024 and we call it CS 1.6.

Counter-Strike 1.6: Best FPS action game

Press the blue button below to enjoy the most advanced FPS action game called Counter-Strike 1.6 which can be downloaded from this page totally free without any additional costs. CS 1.6 non steam download is one of the greatest moments when it comes to online multiplayer games. Genre: Action, FPS, Tactical

Really, just take a chance to download CS 1.6!


Learn more about Counter-Strike 1.6 master guide! Easy tutorial and the most important aspects guide for starter/beginner players of CS 1.6!

 CS 1.6 Master guide

download cs 1.6

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